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Professional and Safe Tree Surgery Services in Putney for a Beautiful and Well-Maintained Garden

You need to remove a dead tree from your garden or eliminate some branches which are obstructing your building? We are the tree surgery experts you need to handle the situation. Having the necessary tools and professional expertise, we are able to remove any tree from any place without causing any damage to your other plants and property. The tree surgery procedures we apply are absolutely safe and controlled.

Our staffs are well-trained to work in different situations and locations. For example, they can handle trees located near power cables, plants that are overhanging roads, infected tree, dead trees, and many other tree-related problems.

Tree Surgeon

What Tree Surgery Jobs We Can Deliver to You?

As we have mentioned above, we can complete a great variety of tree surgeon and maintenance jobs. Let us present you some of them in detail:

  • Tree Felling – In some cases, a tree may need to be felled. For example, if the tree is dead, rotten or infected, and poses a threat to the other plants in your area or your property, it has to be completely eradicated. We can complete this specific tree surgery job in a safe and controlled manner by dismantling the plant into sections or fell it in one piece – according to the condition and location of the tree.
  • Hedge Trimming – We can give your hedges and shrubs the regular maintenance they need to stay green and lush. Using our regular hedge trimming service, you’ll avoid the need to cut your plants back heavily.
  • Stump/Root Removal – Your tree has been felled and now you want to have its stump removed? We offer a high-quality stump removal service for your situation. Using our speciality stump grinding machine, we’ll grind the stump out of the ground and ensure that re-growth doesn’t occur.
  • Deadwooding – We can eliminate the dead branches of your plants, ensuring their good appearance and health condition. This service is recommended for the safety of pathways and buildings.

For more information or bookings, please dial 020 3404 3305 or complete the online contact form. We provide quotations which are free obligations.

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