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Q. Can I have the service on Sunday?

A. Usually not, as chainsaws and other pieces of equipment are very noisy and this may cause troubles with your neighbours and authorities. But we can make exception if we have a neighbours’ consent or no one lives nearby.

Q. How long it will take?

A. Tree surgery is a non-hourly based service, therefore once confirming all the details with you on site the team will stay there for as long as needed to complete the task.

Q. Is waste disposal included in the price?

A. We will take care of up to 120 litres of green waste for free. If you require us to take more than that away, it will be considered as a separate service. Otherwise we will store the green leftovers neatly in your garden.

Q. Can you chop/mulch/shred the clippings?

A. Yes we can and we will when requested on site or if the tree surgery team decides it is necessary.

Q. What to do with the shredded chippings?

A. You can cover your flowerbeds with the shredded tree chippings or you can cover a wider area, as they are perfect to provide heat and cover for colder months.

Q. How many guys will come on site?

A. The team is usually consisted of 2 guys – climber and helper, but depending on the complexity of the job and the deadline we can send you up to 6 experts.

Q. Do I have any options if I don’t want you to take the waste?

A. Yes of course – we can always put the green cuttings into your compost area, so you can use them when needed or we can bag the waste and leave it there for your local council to dispose. Also larger branches can be stored and dried for later use in your fireplace.

Q. I have a stump that is dangerous, as someone may trip and fall, can you dug it out?

A. We can grind it, we will dig a bit around the stump and them using a stump grinder we will reduce its size below soil level and then cover it, thus saving you money, time and the big hole in your garden.