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Remove Even Large Tree Stumps with Our Stump Grinding Services in London

Comprehensive Stump Grinding located in LondonWhen a tree stump is too large to extract manually and you wish to avoid the use of chemical stump killers, stump grinding is an ideal method of tree stump removal. Our London stump grinding service offers you a quick and surprisingly affordable technique for removing unsightly stumps. In a short space of time the largest stump can be reduced to mulch, for easy removal or to use around the garden.

What Happens When A Stump Is Ground

Stump grinding is a special process in which the team of the professional tree surgeons we’ll send you uses a portable machine, called stump grinder, to chip annoying tree stumps. The machine has a rolling metal disk, which turns trunks into small bits of mulch. Their machines’ advantages:

  • portable;
  • small;
  • can fit through every door;
  • we don’t require any side gates to access a garden.

Some of the problems stump grinding may be the solution for:
You want more space in the garden, and an old stump is in the way
You need mulch and you have a truck of a tree you don’t want there. If the tree is healthy the waste of grinding it can be successfully used as mulch.
You have a diseased stump and you’re reasonably worried it may infect other plants and trees. The waste in this case is immediately collected. You may also need a garden clearance.

Proven Stump Grinding near LondonListed here you’ll see a quick reminder of the benefits of our stump grinding service:

  • Quick, efficient and environmentally-friendly removal of tree stumps
  • Minimal soil disturbance around other plants
  • No regrowth of fallen trees
  • The freshly cleared garden space will be instantly available for replanting

Grinding will ensure that a removed tree doesn’t grow back. This method also minimises soil disturbance around the root systems of nearby plants. This is an environmentally friendly technique of removing the below-ground trunk and reclaiming a portion of your garden. 

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