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Hiring our landscapers, you can forget about the hard work and use your free time …

Pressure Washing

This professional service can abolish all the grime and dirt accumulated on the outside of your home


The environment in which trees in a London garden have to live is somewhat different from their original habitat.


When a tree stump is too large to extract manually and you wish to avoid the use of chemical stump killers, stump grinding is…


Removing the canopy of an unwanted tree is one thing, but with the stump still in place it’s hard to make use of the space.


Let light into a shady corner with a carefully planned tree felling…


Use our London tree care service to keep all the trees in your garden in top condition.

Tree surgeon

You can fully rely on our expert arborists who can handle absolutely any job at your garden …


Maybe you have an image of your garden in your head, but you need help to turn it into reality.


Rediscover an overgrown garden or manage the seasonal work in a well-maintained one.


If you’re wondering why your roof is leaking, then you better check if your gutters are blocked.


Specialised and Safety equipment

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Maintenance of trees to up to 65 feet height

Wood waste can be neatly arranged in your yard upon request

Let us Care for Your Trees with Tree Surgeons and Services in London

Experienced Tree Surgeons for LondonersTree Surgery London offers you excellent professional tree surgery services at an affordable for every Londoner price. The experts we’ll send you are well trained as tree surgeons and have a solid background in the field. They will also bring all the specialised equipment needed. We are certified and deal with trees up to 65 feet(20 metres) where a regular gardener can only work with 9 to 12 feet tall trees(around 3 and a half metres).

Here’s a quick summary of the advantages booking with us will bring you:

  • Make a quote request, or book for any service on one central phone number that’s staffed 24 hours a day;
  • Take confidence from knowing that any work you book will be delivered by two qualified London arborists offering fully insured services;
  • Professional certificates for tree surgery including alpine one that is required for high climbing;
  • The tree surgeons will use special tools and equipment, such as a stump grinding machine and a shredder for the garden waste (it chips the tree leftovers and reduces the overall amount of generated waste);
  • Get a no-obligation quote before you commit to any work;
  • Know that you’ll get quality workmanship, our reputation is as important to us as your garden is to you!
  • Arrange your services for days and times that suit you, this includes out of normal working hours and even at the weekends;
  • Tree Surgery London does waste estimation on site upon completion of the job. The removal of any junk is done upon client’s request;
  • We are able to give you a quote over photos of the worksite.
  • Bespoke service according to the client’s preferences.

Care for Your Trees and Your Whole Garden

The Best Tree Surgeons around LondonWe’re best known for the quality of our tree pruning but our work doesn’t stop there. The London’s top tree surgeons can easily assist you on the following:

  • Tree removal – Cutting and removal of all kinds of trees. Note that some native species are protected by law and you need to get a permission from the local council to remove them.
  • Tree pruning or Crown reduction and shaping – Reduction in height of the tree. It is used to reduce the stress of certain parts or of the whole plant.
  • Crown thinning – Removal of small branches and foliage, most often at the outer crown of the tree. Species that produce more leaves and have broader crowns need to be thinned more often to allow more light in the garden.
  • Crown raising – Removal of the lowest branches of the tree. We do it when customers want to increase light transmission to areas around the tree. We are always careful with the branches we remove, though, as not every part of the tree should be cut.
  • Tree felling – Cutting and removal of dead trees.
  • Stump grinding – By booking this service, you will get rid of any tree stumps left in your premises.
  • We offer an emergency tree surgery service – For dangerous or fallen trees, for fallen trees after storms.

How the Regular Tree Surgery Process Goes After a Booking

  1. Two professionals will arrive in the arranged hour to perform an onsite inspection of the workplace. We can give you a price estimate over the phone, but only if you send us quality photos of your tree.
  2. After the inspection, they will discuss with you the confirmation of the price from the quote you’ve already received. If necessary, based on the result of the survey, adjustments may be made;
  3. We proceed with execution of the task.

Note that:

▸ The service’s price is based upon three factors – tree height, crown size and desired results;
▸ Some of the native trees are protected and a permission from the local council may be required for cutting them down.
▸ We do not work on Sundays, because the working process can be noisy. If a consent from the neighbours is provided, or no one lives by – exceptions can be made.

Book Your Arborist Services from Tree Surgery London

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