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Give Your Trees Proper Care with Professional Tree Surgery in Highgate

Maintaining your trees in good condition requires specialized equipment and specific knowledge. We can provide you with all that is required to keep your plants healthy and lush. We’ve got the competent and skilled staff as well as the needed high-quality machinery to handle various tree surgery jobs in a professional and safe manner. The services we can deliver to you include tree removal, tree surgery, pruning, re-shaping, stump grinding and others. We can assess the maintenance needs of your trees and hedges, and determine the best option for their proper maintenance.

All You May Require for Your Tree Maintenance

Here, you can take advantage of a full range of tree surgery services. For example:

  • Tree Felling – We can fell different types and sizes of hazardous or dead trees. According to the condition and location of your plant, we’ll cut the tree down in segments or bring the whole plant to the ground. Our staff have the knowledge and expertise to choose the best tree felling method for your particular situation.
  • Tree Pruning and Shaping – It’s not always necessary to remove a tree. Sometimes the danger can be avoided with just proper tree pruning. We know which pruning or shaping procedure is suitable for your trees and hedges. Just trust us and enjoy the results!
  • Crown Reduction – We can prune the branches and remove the deadwood of your trees to reduce their size and improve their shape. This service will reduce the risk of different diseases, making your trees healthier.
  • Stump Removal – We can remove any type of stump, regardless of its size and quantity. We have the right scale of stump grinding equipment and professional skills to have your outdoor area cleared.

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Our tree surgeons can be scheduled for a time that best suits your schedule. Simply tell us when it is convenient for you to be visited by our staff by contacting us on 020 3404 3305. We’ll send you a technician to assess your particular tree surgeon needs and suggest the best solution for you. With us, the maintenance of your trees will be an easy and simple job.

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