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Tree Surgeon

Whether you need to rid your yard of the unsightly stumps or remove a dangerous tree from your garden, we can complete your tree surgery job efficiently. We can eliminate any hazardous plant in your outdoor area, prune your trees, shape your hedges, cut the offending branches of your trees or complete other tree surgery tasks in your garden. We can also carry out hazardous tree assessments and identify the best method to solve your issues related to the safety and convenience of your outdoor area.

You Can Pick from Different Tree Surgery Services in Edgware

Our professional arborists have the skills, knowledge and specialized machinery to perform all kinds of tree surgery jobs. For example, you can rely on them for:

  • Tree Felling – If you have a rotten or infected tree that needs to be completely removed, our tree felling service is the ideal solution for you. In case the problematic plant is located in a restricted area, we will climb the tree and dismantle it into sections. When the space is large enough and safe for straight tree felling, we’ll bring the plant to the ground using specialized equipment to guarantee a safe tree fell.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal – We can eliminate any stump and root left after a tree has been felled. We will use our specialized stump grinding machine to grind your stump out of the ground and destroy the root system. After our efficient stump grinding service, your outdoor area will be a clean and safe place.
  • Hedge Trimming and Pruning – We can put your overgrown and neglected hedges into perfect shape with our trimming and pruning services. After evaluating the condition and specific maintenance needs of your hedges, we’ll be able to provide them with the proper pruning procedure.
  • Crown Reduction – The tree surgeons of our staff are able to cut dangerous deadwood, cross branches and remove diseased parts of trees. The crown reduction procedures they complete will protect your plants from different illnesses and pathogens.

Along with the services given above, we can perform site clearance, pollarding, emergency tree removal, tree planting, regular tree maintenance and more.

You can book the suitable tree surgery job for you on 020 3404 3305.

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