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Affordable Tree Surgery Services in Southwark

Do you have an infected tree that needs immediate removal? Let us cope with your tree situation! We can find reliable solutions to all of your tree-related problems. Having the correct equipment and right tools, we are able to perform a vast assortment of tree surgery and maintenance services. You’re not sure what option is best for you? Don’t think about it but ask us for our expert opinion. We’ll assess the condition of your tree, concern its location and identify the appropriate method for its pruning or complete removal.

Look at some of the professional tree surgery jobs they can perform for you:

  • Hazardous Tree Removal – If your plants have become unsafe and pose a threat to other plants in your outdoor area or building, we can eradicate them properly. We’ll eliminate the rotten or infected trees or cut down the obstructive branches of your plants, or solve any other tree problem that affects the safety of your property.
  • Tree Felling – You have a dangerous tree or parts of a tree that may fall and cause injure to people? We can assess your tree for risk and determine the right manner to eradicate it. We can eradicate the hazardous tree in sections or in one – depending on its condition and location.
  • Stump Grinding – With our specialist stump grinding machines, we can eliminate any unwanted stump in your garden. The quality equipment and tools we have to enable us to handle even stumps at areas with restricted access.
  • Pruning and Reshaping of Plants – We can keep your plants in healthy condition all year round with our range of pruning and reshaping services. After evaluating the needs of your plants, we will deliver the best options for them – bush shaping, crown thinning, crown reduction, hedge pruning or else.

If you have any other problem concerning your tree maintenance, you can share it with us. We’ll provide you with the right solution to ensure the safety and immaculate state of your garden in Southwark.

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