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Take Proper Care of Your Trees with Professional Tree Surgery Services in Belgravia

Do you need to cope with a tree that is branching out to electric wires? Or you have to rid your backyard of a hazardous stump? Whatever tree surgery job you have, we can help you complete it in the safest possible manner without any damage to your property or plants. We can find an easy and reliable solution for all of your tree surgeon and management problems. Equipped with a range of specialized tools and high-quality materials, we can prune, shape, eradicate, improve and maintain different kinds of trees, regardless of their size, shape, condition and location.

Some of the Tree Surgery Services You Can Benefit from in Belgravia

We can provide a full range of tree surgery and maintenance jobs, and you can see some of them below:

  • Tree Felling – If a tree is infected, diseased or dead and needs a complete eradication, this option is the right one. If your affected tree is located in a restricted area, it will be dismantled into sections and safely removed from your outdoor space. If the plant is placed in a large area, it can be felled in one piece in a controlled manner without any damage to the surroundings and other plants.
  • Stump/Root Removal – You want to remove a stump left after your tree has been felled. We’ve got the correct stump grinding machine for your job. It is easy and simple for us to eradicate any stump from your outdoor area, no matter its size and location.
  • Hedge Trimming – You need to improve the bare and unpleasant look of your hedges? Try our hedge trimming service which will put your plants in immaculate condition. We can provide you with regular trimming services as well as one-off hedge trimming jobs.
  • Crown Reduction – Our insured tree surgeons can efficiently reduce the size of your tree crown by removing the tips of the tree branches. In this manner, they will keep your plants looking neat and orderly.

If you have any other tree removal need or want to book a service from the given above, simply contact us on 020 3404 3305 or complete the easy online contact form.